Stacey Nelson

Stacey Nelson

Stacey Nelson is a delightful author of several books while being a mother of nine children. Writing has been her goal since her children were very young, often telling her children stories as a form of entertainment. Over the years those stories grew.

The Ubiquitous series is her first published. There are many more to follow.
She enjoys books new and old and says old books often call to her from neglected book store shelves.

Stacey's writing goals are to many too list, but the greatest are to write stories until she is 100, to see the spark of imagination and wonder as a result of sharing her stories with others, and to teach her children anything is possible with constant effort toward a goal.


The Immortal Forest

Zoo Garden

  • Calvin and the Snapdragon

Paisley's World

  • Paisley the Cereal Killer
  • Paisley Makes Coffee
  • Life According to Paisley
  • Grandpas are Smarter than Grownups
  • All Mamas Go To Heaven
  • A Mama for Paisley (Fireside Tales )
  • Paisley's Ice Race
  • Five Mushroom Pizza
  • Paisley's Cold
  • Paisley's Blue Eyes
  • Second Day Spaghetti
  • Paisley’s Chocanillaberry Ice Cream
  • Paisley Learns Some Leprechauns Dont

Trips of Imagination

  • Ocean Dance
  • Sky Dancing
  • Dancing Bear
  • Mouse Dance
  • Cookies and Seagull (Fragrant Blessings)
  • Zoo Day
  • Cat Nap (A Special Kind of Love)
  • Yellow Duckling
  • Savannah Makes a Dogs Day
  • Savannah the Butterfly

Tales of Maglidarn

  • How Thirteen Got His Name - WT - TBD

Idaho Country

Rosalie Wynn

  • Wynn's Welcome Cookies (Fragrant Blessings)
  • Rosalie Wynn BHB Empathmeal - TBD
  • Rosalie Wynn BHB library - TBD
  • Between Choices - BHB - TBD

Wolf Legacy

The Accidental Wizard

Words, Works, and Things


  • The Legend of the Noble Holstein - TBD