Summer Donnelly

Summer Donnelly

Summer Donnelly was raised in a rural area miles away from any urban centers. It wasn’t until she went away to college that she realized just how precious Small Town, USA was to her foundation.
Whether a magical universe in New Jersey or a close-knit foster family in North Carolina, Summer is devoted to spreading her love of small town life. The beauty and wealth of rural living are in the details — fresh food at the Farmer’s Market, Friday night football games, and playing in the marching band. Summer knows all towns have popular hang outs and other long-standing local traditions. She wants to pass her love of quiet living to her friends and readers by giving them a peek into the lives and loves of everyday people.
Summer once won an award for “most colorful” Halloween costume at her home town’s annual parade. After reading an article in a woman’s magazine, her mother put her in white tights while wearing a clear plastic bag full of colorful balloons. With a sign etched on her cheek reading “jelly beans 10¢.” As a result, Summer has a deep-seated fear of showing up places in costume.
Old buildings and their history both fascinate and inspire her. When she’s not writing, Summer is glued to watching shows about house renovations. She will moan in pain whenever a host suggests “ripping out those built-ins” and wonders if in twenty years people will complain about the lack of walls in houses.
A life-long reader, Summer quickly graduated from Beverly Cleary books and Trixie Belden Mysteries. She turned to teen romance and then the crazy-sauce covered romance novels of the 1980s that she borrowed from her grandmother’s bookshelf. She has been reading and writing romance from the moment she received her first library card.
She loves to watch 1940s romantic movies, badly sing-a-long to classic 1980s music, and read romance novels in her spare time. Summer believes in soul-mates, happily-ever-afters, and kisses that leave you breathless.
Pull up a seat as she cordially invites you to become a resident in her world.

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