TS Paul

TS Paul

I'm now into my second year as a published author. Writing was never a goal of mine. My wife and family knew of my love of books and urged me to try my hand at writing, but I was resistant. It wasn't until an author friend gave me a short push off a long pier that I gave it a go. And what a journey this has been! So far, Athena Lee and Agatha Blackmore have given way to over 50 short stories. And the stories keep on coming!

This year, I expanded into the wonderful world of Cookbooks. When I changed careers from retail management at Waldenbooks and to a culinary one, there was no way of knowing that it would become part of my author journey!

My co-writer and partner in crime for the cookbooks is Taki Drake. She is both a fiction writer and recipe hoarder, just like I am. Expect to see much more from her shortly, as she continues to write in my Federal Witch Universe.

This last year, I allied myself with a group called Phoenix Prime. Created as a specialized course for writers, taught by writer, psychologist, and computer security specialist extraordinaire, Kat Lind, I was honored to be chosen as a mentor and instructor for some of the classes. Many of the roughly 30 authors in that group are just starting their publishing careers, and I expect greatness from them.

This will be another exciting year, with new series starting and lots more books! I'm excited! Are you?

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