Kat Lind

Kat Lind

The normal things to put into a biography are basic. I was born in 1953, live in the Midwest area of the US, and am very happily married. I am blessed with two grown sons of whom I am wildly proud and four grandsons that constantly amaze me, as well as, two daughter-in-laws that are terrifyingly awesome in very different ways. Making sure that the chaos in my household is never minimal, I share a home with four dogs, one current cat (others in process), 14K books, a disastrous garden mess, and more projects than I can ever in this lifetime complete.

Unfortunately, I am not sure what that conveys about me as a person, an author, or even what makes you sure that I am not an advanced form of a robot. OK - the robot would not have a mess in the garden.

Although not new to writing, up to recently I have written highly technical analyses, textbooks, and analytic studies. I have written over 19.4 million words of prose over the years, but my audience has been small by comparison to what this journey involves. Most of my general work has been through university presses and private corporate publishing organizations. The decision to branch out into more public visibility has been a fence on which I have teetered for over a decade, my indecision primarily stemming from the question of whether my writing would be interesting to others. Let's not forget boring. I HATE being boring and, face it, most technical and business analytic writeups are just that.

My recent involvement both as an editor and author with the indie publishing sector has pushed me off of the fence, abruptly and with a great deal of force. My first foray into public authorship centers around a new application of my practical industrial psychology work, as applied to the creative process of writing. The Inanna's Circle Game has started, and the publication of the experiment result signals a new place in my life. More of the game cycles are planned, and each will carry a book with it, as I learn more about the wonderful creative process of writing fiction and the chaotic, energizing people that write.

This does not mean that I will stop my other writing. However, my work on security, cyberbusiness, industrial psychology, integrated operational performance, etc., will now be published for others to read. It is my hope that those children of my mind and effort will be useful and enlightening to others.

And never boring.

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