Taki Drake

Taki Drake

Thank you for taking the time to read my book. I appreciate everyone that chooses to visit the products of my imagination.

The sheer act of writing things to share with others has given me a new appreciation for both the power and the cost of the written word. I have learned that just like sleep is an optional luxury for single parents, so is it an expendable currency for writers. The drive to write, to create, can be relentless. I find myself taking notes at strange times, wanting to discuss space battles in the middle of expensive restaurants, and other behavior that only a loving and tolerant spouse could accept.

Comments and feedback can, of course, be entered into Amazon and Goodreads. But you can also reach me at taki@technologymage.com or by signing up for my newsletter at http://www.takidrake-author.com/.
The blog also will let you know about the things that are new with me and some sneak peaks and advanced information about publication.

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Whats new...

Badger Hole Bar


The Unfettered Mage


Becoming Sephera


Standard of Honor


Peregrine Rovers

  • Peregrine Rovers - TBD
  • The Market Owls - TBD

Trachyon Wars

  • The Clans - TBD
  • Fortress at the Edge - TBD
  • Trachyon Landfall - TBD

Life of Service

  • Times of Gifting
  • Warmth of the Heart

Balance Keepers

Familiar Magic

Hidden Path

  • A Strange Bequest - TBD
  • Rough Landings - TBD
  • Blood on the Water - TBD
  • Tech Invasion - TBD
  • Ugly Reflections - TBD
  • Contracts and Concessions - TBD
  • Plan or Panic - TBD
  • Zoo Visions - TBD
  • Feather and Claw - TBD
  • Hairy Dating Scenes - TBD
  • The Trouble with Triplets - TBD
  • Beauty Sleep - TBD

Cohorts and Conspirators

  • Helpmates to the Rescue - TBD

From the Ashes

  • Dreams of Fire and Ash

A Matter of Perspective

Failing Hell 101

  • Hell's Bells and White Roses (Date From Hell) - TBD


Bounty of Life

  • Potluck Perils


Digital Seer

  • Through the Camera Lens

Life's Garden


BattleMage Investigations

  • Battle Cadre Arises - TBD
  • The Case of the Frozen Hand - TBD
  • No Accounting for Taste - TBD
  • The Case of the Missing Sniper - TBD
  • Sing a Song of Politics - TBD
  • The Case of Short Shots - TBD
  • Explosive Echoes - TBD
  • The Case of the Darkling Spear - TBD

Auditor Guild Taskforce

  • Murder Across Species - TBD


  • Pools of Quiet
  • Sanctuary
  • The Expanding Universe: An Exploration of the SciFi Genre
  • A Shot of Courage - TBD
  • A Song of Destruction - TBD
  • Echo in the Stone - TBD
  • Echoes Past Love - TBD
  • Faux Macho - TBD
  • Fools Rush In - TBD
  • Forces of Fury - TBD
  • Game of Random Events - TBD
  • Mouse Gang - TBD
  • Must Love Hair - TBD
  • Relax into Color - TBD
  • Riding the Storm - TBD
  • Speed Dating Karma - TBD
  • The Cookie Goddess - TBD
  • The Rubber Band - TBD
  • To Mock a Killing Bird - TBD
  • Touching Warmth - TBD