Paul C. Middleton

Paul C. Middleton

Paul C Middleton has worked several jobs, but has had most of his working life in Security. Patrolling dark empty places gave him time to think on many things. It was not conducive to finding time or places to write. Then his partner was diagnosed with severe epilepsy, requiring him to reduce his work hours to care for her.

Never one to let the grass grow under his feet, he found that writing enabled him to be available when she needed him and left him feeling like less of a drain on his friends and the world. He also has to thank his two beagles who have become an efficient Epilepsy warning system. When they 'make tongue' he knows to find his partner and get her into a lounge chair or onto a bed.

He tries to bring an uplifting undertone to his stories, but is happy to admit he has a somewhat dark viewpoint on the world.

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