Taki Drake

Taki Drake

Thank you for taking the time to read my book. I appreciate everyone that chooses to visit the products of my imagination.

The sheer act of writing things to share with others has given me a new appreciation for both the power and the cost of the written word. I have learned that just like sleep is an optional luxury for single parents, so is it an expendable currency for writers. The drive to write, to create, can be relentless. I find myself taking notes at strange times, wanting to discuss space battles in the middle of expensive restaurants, and other behavior that only a loving and tolerant spouse could accept.

Comments and feedback can, of course, be entered into Amazon and Goodreads. But you can also reach me at taki@technologymage.com or by signing up for my newsletter at http://www.takidrake-author.com/.
The blog also will let you know about the things that are new with me and some sneak peaks and advanced information about publication.

Whats new...

Badger Hole Bar


The Unfettered Mage


Becoming Sephera


Standard of Honor


Peregrine Rovers

  • Peregrine Rovers - TBD
  • The Market Owls - TBD

Trachyon Wars

  • The Clans - TBD
  • Fortress at the Edge - TBD
  • Trachyon Landfall - TBD

Life of Service

  • Times of Gifting
  • Warmth of the Heart

Balance Keepers

Familiar Magic

Hidden Path

  • A Strange Bequest - TBD
  • Rough Landings - TBD
  • Blood on the Water - TBD
  • Tech Invasion - TBD
  • Ugly Reflections - TBD
  • Contracts and Concessions - TBD
  • Plan or Panic - TBD
  • Zoo Visions - TBD
  • Feather and Claw - TBD
  • Hairy Dating Scenes - TBD
  • The Trouble with Triplets - TBD
  • Beauty Sleep - TBD

Cohorts and Conspirators

  • Helpmates to the Rescue - TBD

From the Ashes

  • Dreams of Fire and Ash

A Matter of Perspective

  • Judgment and Despair - TBD

Failing Hell 101

  • Hell's Bells and White Roses (Date From Hell) - TBD


Bounty of Life

  • Potluck Perils


Digital Seer

  • Through the Camera Lens

Life's Garden


BattleMage Investigations

  • Battle Cadre Arises - TBD
  • The Case of the Frozen Hand - TBD
  • No Accounting for Taste - TBD
  • The Case of the Missing Sniper - TBD
  • Sing a Song of Politics - TBD
  • The Case of Short Shots - TBD
  • Explosive Echoes - TBD
  • The Case of the Darkling Spear - TBD

Auditor Guild Taskforce

  • Murder Across Species - TBD


  • Pools of Quiet
  • Sanctuary
  • Sisterhood
  • The Expanding Universe: An Exploration of the SciFi Genre
  • A Shot of Courage - TBD
  • A Song of Destruction - TBD
  • Echo in the Stone - TBD
  • Echoes Past Love - TBD
  • Faux Macho - TBD
  • Fools Rush In - TBD
  • Forces of Fury - TBD
  • Game of Random Events - TBD
  • Mouse Gang - TBD
  • Must Love Hair - TBD
  • Relax into Color - TBD
  • Riding the Storm - TBD
  • Speed Dating Karma - TBD
  • The Cookie Goddess - TBD
  • The Rubber Band - TBD
  • To Mock a Killing Bird - TBD
  • Touching Warmth - TBD